Welcome to Pocketopia. The world of The PocketPeople. Here you can connect and better the world with PocketPeople dolls and the story of PocketPeople...ever wonder what happened to your missing sock? PocketPeople aim to spread the much needed message "Everyone Matters" because at PocketPeople we believe they do.

"ThePocketPeople" collection has arrived to the doll world just in time to bring happiness, comfort, and togetherness.

The PocketPeople are not just one character but a community of handmade dolls in various sizes and colors, made of soft plush fabrication. The ULTIMATE goal of PocketPeople is to spread their message of Love, Comfort and Empathy. PocketPeople are collectible items…collect the whole community.

When you buy a PocketPeople you are actually suPPorting our true calling of helPPing the world one PocketPeople at a time. Day by day. Step by step.

The World of Pocketopia is truly 
A World Of Pockebilities